Salih Sarikaya Net Worth $15 Million

Salih Sarikaya is an actor, known for Çöpçüler Krali (1977), Çiplak Vatandas (1985) and Sagir Oda (2006). He is also the Editor-in-Chief at Smartereum and Co-Founder of WhatsAround app.

He co-founded WhatsAround along with Eugene Oz with the help of the brilliant tech team at Silicon Spectra. He is also offering $10 sign-up benefit to get WhatsAround signups using catchy words like “Hey! Get outside! Discover the world! We are building a platform for you to earn crypto when discovering new places. Use this link ( to signup and get up to $10 in ShotCoin as an early adopter.”

Unfortunately, WhatsAround is growing rather slowly due to the downfall of Cryptocurrency valuations in 2018 as well as negative publicity due to the death of man falling off a cliff while taking shots using WhatsAround ( as well as late night party arrests by NYPD getting caught on the app (

A few of Salih Sarikaya’s celebrity friends include Eugene Oz, Yasin Cakiral, Yunus Ahmed, Tom Ash, Massimiliano Genta, David Rubenstein etc.