Nicolas De Santis Net Worth $12 million

Nicolas De Santis | Born: Madrid, Spain | Citizenship: Italian | Occupation: Internet entrepreneur | Known for: Opodo and | Title: President of Gold Mercury International | Spouse(s): Melissa Odabash | Parent(s): Eduardo De Santis and Maria Cuadra | Website: | Siblings: Antonella De Santis, Natasha De Santis | Did you know: De Santis started his career at Landor Associates (now WPP Group) where his father was a partner. As a strategy advisor, Nicolas has created strategies and visions for governments, academic institutions, global brands, and technology start-ups, such as: British Airways, Opodo, Morgan Stanley, Iberdrola, Garanti Bank, Coca-Cola, PRISA and the European Union (see Captain Euro), among others