Alice Eve Net Worth $6 million

Alice Eve | Born: London, England, United Kingdom | Education: Bedales School, Westminster School | Alma mater: St Catherine’s College, Oxford (BA in English) | Occupation: Actress | Years active: 2004–present | Spouse(s): Alex Cowper-Smith (m. 2014–17) | Parent(s): Trevor Eve, Sharon Maughan | Did you know: On 14 August 2014, Eve announced her engagement to her “high school sweetheart”, financier Alex Cowper-Smith. The pair met while attending Westminster School in London. They married on 31 December 2014. They separated in April 2017. She has heterochromia, a condition that causes the irises of both eyes to be different colours. In Eve’s case, her left eye is blue, and her right eye is green